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Building a new house or undertaking a complete remodel or addition is an exciting and sometimes stressful time. Our experienced team can help you understand the different makes and models of forced air and boiler  heating systems available on the market so you can reach an informed decision. Just know that you are in good hands when you choose us for a new furnace installation.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size Unit

The size of your home is often the only thing a homeowner considers when they are purchasing a new furnace. There are more factors though, when attempting to heat all areas of a home. The number of floors, size of rooms, and the distance horizontally between heater and the end of a duct run all play a part. Have you ever been in a house where the bedrooms were down a hallway and cold? The heat runs are long and the amount of air and temperature are too low. This is where an informed purchase makes a huge difference.

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Undersized furnaces work hard and you can still be cold

Some Homes Should be "Zoned" Heating

Your research thus far likely made reference to "zoned heating systems". In large houses, especially with multiple levels, heating is often zoned. This means that different areas of the home get different "power" from the unit itself. Like the reference earlier, the cold bedrooms were farther from the furnace than vents in the rest of the house. A zoned system could push more air through those particular areas of the home so it would be warmer. Of course, insulating those ducts would help with heat loss as well.

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We Provide Duct Work Services as Well

What new furnace is complete without the ducting to distribute that precious heat? NONE! That's why our expert sheet metal fabricators use our facility to build custom ducting for your home. No job is unique, but our team is. They never settle and take pride in the look of their work. Often the basement isn't finished immediately, so the sheet metal is visible. Our guys love that fact and see it as an opportunity to show off their skill!

New Furnace Discounts

Often the government is offering discounts for upgrading your old inefficient furnace for a new energy star rated system. We love to partake in these programs and pass as much savings as possible to our Green Bay clients. If you are looking for the type of ´╗┐contractor that you trust for a lifetime´╗┐, please get in touch today!

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