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Green Bay Air Conditioner Installation Services

Building a new house or undertaking a complete remodel or addition is an exciting and sometimes stressful time. Our experienced team can help you understand the different makes and models of outdoor and ductless air conditioner options. There is a wide range based on cost, size, and efficiency. We can make sure you are well informed to make a decision and certainly assist with your new air conditioner installation as well.

Make Sure You Get the Right Size Unit

The size and shape of your home plays a huge role in the cooling system you need to keep all areas consistent and comfortable. This is true with traditional, forced air units that blow cold air produced by a unit outside the home, as well as with ductless AC units that mount on the wall. In many homes, two ductless units will be necessary. Getting the assistance of a professional can save you from making a poor choice and loosing money in the long run.

New air conditioner installation for Green Bay and the surrounding communities.

New air conditioner installation

Some Homes Should be "Zoned" Heating

Your research thus far likely made reference to "zoned cooling systems". In large houses, especially with multiple levels and ductless AC as the cooling source, you will need more than one unit. Think about it, you place the ductless AC in the main living area. But the bedrooms are upstairs. The cool air is not going to climb the stairs to keep you comfortable while you sleep. You will need a separate zone upstairs, with it's own cooling unit.

Zoned cooling system for large houses or multi level homes.

Zoned cooling system for large houses or multi level homes.

We Provide Duct Work Services as Well

What new outdoor central air conditioner is complete without the ducting to distribute that precious cool air? NONE! That's why our expert sheet metal fabricators use our facility to build custom ducting for your home. No job is unique, but our team is. They never settle and take pride in the look of their work. Often the basement isn't finished immediately, so the sheet metal is visible. Our guys love that fact and see it as an opportunity to show off their skill!

New Air Conditioner Installation Discounts

I'm sure you love getting a deal as much as we do! We are always on the hunt for a discount so that we can pass the savings along to our customers. Before you go out and make a decision that could cost you hundreds of dollars, contact the team that cares about your budget. We can often times beat the competition and provide higher quality units to boot. Reach out today for your new air conditioner installation needs.

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