Green Bay Indoor Clean Air

The goal of our indoor air quality service is to provide your family with safe, clean air inside your home.  We provide this through the use of filtration systems that suit the needs of your home and heating and cooling system.  Having poor air in the home can cause asthma and other lung problems.

Our in home filtration includes add-on filter upgrades, humidification units and more.‚Äč

We sell and repair indoor air quality products.

Air filtration problems

We all know that Green Bay and the rest of North East Wisconsin can have some wicked climate changes.  While our winters can be brutally cold, the summers also get really hot and super humid.  This can cause havoc on our respiratory system, namely in the form of mold and allergens.  Keep your home safe by providing clean air full time.

Green Bay Air Quality emergency?

New Air Filtration Installation

We have several options based on your hvac system to improve the cleanliness of the air in your home.  Keeping it safe can improve the health of your family and pets.  Often times it is difficult to determine that the home air filtration system is the culprit of problems.  Properly tested, all can be fixed relatively easily and affordably.

New air filter for home furnace

Air Filtration Repair

We have worked with them all.  Of course there are a couple top brands providing incredible products in the clean home air realm.  Whether you have an older system, or none at all, we can help.  Contact us today to make sure your family is breathing safe air for years to come.

Air Quality Tune-Up

Just like every other system in a home or building in general, maintenance is key.  Filters need changing and parts can wear out.  If you keep things clean and well maintained, these systems last for years.  Contact us today if you think you may need cleaner air.

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